LCD Pixel Criteria


Hyundai ImageQuest strives to provide the highest quality LCD display products in the industry.
Your Product meets the Class 2 specifications under the ISO 13406-2 industry guidelines for LCD monitors.

Since a 15 inch LCD display contains 2,359,296 pixels, a19 inch LCD display contains 3,932,160 pixels, and a 24 inch LCD display contains 6,912,000 pixels, having a few "bad" pixels is not considered a defect. It is rare for a monitor to ship with or develop bad pixels. If or when a bad pixel occurs, it is not an indication that more will occur.  It is usually a solitary incident.

A pixel may be Stuck On or Stuck Off. (Bright or Dim) as shown in the examples below:

The minimum number of defective pixels we allow before we will replace an in warranty monitor is as follows:

  • For a 15" Monitor - 5 or more bad pixels
  • For 17" and 19" Monitors -7 or more bad pixels
  • For 21" - 24" Monitors - 10 or more bad pixels

There are also optimal resolution settings for LCD monitors. The chart below shows the native (optimal) resolution for HYUNDAI ImageQuest LCD monitors by size.

Monitor Size
Optimal Resolution
15 to 16 inches
17 to 19 inches
20 to 23 inches

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