Spare Part Order

Hyundai IT offers spare parts and their information to non-institutional purchasers of the product and institutional purchasers of the products as well as 3rd party repair or recycling centers. It shall include available parts list and the length of time the spare parts available after the end of production, also price list of any available parts. These items can also be purchased for five years after the end of production. Any individual or institutional purchasers desiring the spare part information shall contact as below.


  1. By phone:

Please call during the our business hour 9AM to 5:30 PM at 1-800-568-0060.


  1. By Fax:

    24 Hours Available. Required Adobe Reader (Click HERE for Download Adobe Reader)
  1. Print out the Purchasing Order Request Form and fill it in completely
  2. Please fax the Purchasing Order Request Form to 847-813-6305


  1. By email:


Please email the Purchasing Order Request Form at

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